In this 1.5-hour webinar, Diane will discuss some common misunderstood issues that may go undetected until there is a GST audit.

GST audits often discover exposures the where the taxpayer did not know the rules. For example, charges reducing commission payments or medical corporation payments to doctors, trade-ins and invoicing for expense reimbursements by a consultant/contractor or landlord. The new Simplified Registration program has created a potential recovery exposure for GST registrants. The GST registered purchaser of real property may have a self-assessment exposure. Do you know these rules?

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As accountants we are extremely busy and often the GST/HST rules may be overlooked or forgotten. In this 1.5-hour webinar, Diane Gaudon, FCPA will provide a review of most common GST/HST misunderstood issues.

Many of these issues result in audit exposures. This webinar will review invoicing issues for consultants, contractors and landlords (e.g., to recovery for out-of-pocket expenses and other reimbursable costs).

The netting of transactions is a very common practice. For example, deducting reimbursable/recoverable costs from a payment (i.e., payments to a doctor or commission payments to a sales person) if not recorded properly could create an exposure.

The wrong treatment of a trade-in is another example of a transaction that tends to create an exposure.

Also, the new Simplified Registration program for non-residents is causing recovery issues for GST registrants. Do you know these new rules?

The self-assessing requirement is also overlooked by many GST registered purchasers of commercial real property. Do you know this rule?

Join Diane for this live webinar and learn how to reduce potential exposures. This webinar is full of interesting GST/HST information for businesses of all sizes.