Since the real estate market is still booming, anyone planning on taking advantage of the new housing rebate should watch this webinar. Many homeowners and condo owners are very surprised when they get a letter in the mail from the CRA telling them they are not entitled to the rebate and must pay it back with interest.
There are basically two types new housing rebates. The most common one is the rebate available to individual homeowners who either purchase a new primary place of residence or significantly renovate it. This rebate is not automatically paid to the purchaser, an individual must qualify for the rebate.
The second rebate is for those who buy or renovate a rental property to be used first used as a place of residence for their tenant.
In this 1.5-hour webinar, Diane will discuss the rules for both types of rebates.
This webinar will be a great review for practitioners, accountants, bookkeepers and business owners who want a better understanding of the GST/HST rules related to the two new housing rebates.

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HOT TOPIC – It is easy to sign the new housing rebate form for a homebuilder but it is very unpleasant to have your rebate rejected by the CRA months after you purchase a new house or condo.
Did you know you may be eligible for a rebate when you make major renovations to a house or tear down an old house and rebuild?
In this 1.5-hour webinar, Diane will discuss the rules for both new housing rebates available to purchasers of residential properties.
It is important to know if you are eligible for either one of these new housing rebates.