This 2-hour webinar will review the GST and HST/QST place of supply rules.
These rules are complex and often misunderstood.
Did you know the HST and QST place of supply rules are the same?
What is the province of supply when a customer from another province picks up the goods at the supplier’s location?
Which “billing address” do you use if you are providing a general service to a customer with multiple addresses?
This is a great overview of the place of supply rules and you will receive a PD certificate for 2 hours, if you watch the entire webinar.

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There are two types of place-of-supply rules used to determine the tax rate on a taxable supply. Spend 2-hours with Diane as she discusses these rules.

The GST place-of-supply rules determine if a supply is made in Canada.

The HST place-of-supply rules are used to determine the tax rate when a taxable supply is made in Canada.

Did you know the HST and QST place-of-supply rules are the same?
These rules can be complex and they are frequently misunderstood.

Do you know when to use legal delivery versus deemed delivery to determine what tax rate applies to the sale of goods?

Did you know that the address where you send an invoice is not the province of supply when you sell services?

Learn the answer to these questions and more in this webinar. Charging the wrong tax rate is a very common audit exposure.

This webinar will be a great review for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners wanting a better understanding of the GST/HST.