PW1032 – GST/HST, QST AND PST: E-COMMERCE ISSUES – watch anytime


Who knew selling on the internet could cause so much confusion? And exposures!

E-commerce transactions are extremely common these days. When dealing with these types of transactions you must consider the Canadian sales tax issues related to registration, collection of tax, place of supply, who is required to report tax collected, and recovery of tax paid to supplier.
In this 2-hour webinar, Diane will focus on the sales tax rules for both Canadian residents and non-residents. She will discuss the two registration programs for GST and QST purposes. She will also review selling goods, intangible personal property, services, digital property/services and renting real property stressing the potential exposures.
The discussion includes some issues related to short-term real property rentals, such as Airbnb and Vbro platform operators.
Do you know if you are required to register for GST, QST or PST?
Do you know when to collect and remit sales tax?
Do you understand the potential exposures dealing with a marketplace facilitator or platform operator?
Do you know if your marketplace facilitator is collecting sales taxes on your behalf?

So much to discuss in this presentation and it will definitely test your sales tax knowledge. Don’t miss this presentation.

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In this 2-hour webinar Diane will cover numerous e-commerce issues that organizations are questioning. Reduce your exposures and get the information you need.

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