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CHANGES CONTINUE ...  March 1st, 2018 the voluntary disclosure program for GST and HST changed

 ATTENTION: The Ontario large business recaptured input tax credit was phased-out on July 1, 2018.
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1 - Changes for 2018
2 - Taxable Benefit Time

It will be a happier 2018 due to changes to CRA's social events policy.

Beginning in 2018, the Social Event Threshold  will Increase
If you provide a free party or other social event to all your employees and the cost is $150 per person or less, it is not considered to be a taxable benefit. Additional costs such as transportation home, taxi fare, and overnight accommodation are not included in the $150 per person amount.
If the cost of the party is greater than $150 per person, the entire amount, including the additional costs, is a taxable benefit.
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Other changes to the GST/HST... On June 27, the CRA announced proposed new rules to have purchasers of carbon emission allowances self assess the GST or HST.

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